The Future of Professional Photography in the Digital Age: A Study of Pix.T

The photography industry has been a cornerstone of visual storytelling and cultural documentation for over 170 years. From the earliest daguerreotypes to the rise of smartphone cameras, photography has captured the world’s most significant events, both personal and global, and has helped to shape our understanding of the world around us. However, the digital revolution has brought with it
unprecedented challenges for professional photographers, who must navigate a rapidly changing landscape where the proliferation of images can devalue their work and threaten their livelihoods.

The rise of social media and the widespread distribution of images on the internet have made it easier than ever for anyone to take and share photos. However, the ease with which images can be produced and shared has also made it increasingly difficult for professional photographers to control the distribution and use of their work, and to be properly compensated for it. This has led to a situation where the value of professional photography is often undervalued, and where the people who create these images are not fairly compensated for their work.

In response to these challenges, Pix.T has been created as a new protocol for professional photography in the digital age. Built on blockchain technology, Pix.T offers a secure, easy-to-use solution that is designed specifically to help photographers and visual storytellers maximize the value of their work, control its distribution, and find new market opportunities. With the support of leading organizations in the photography and media industries, Pix.T is poised to revolutionize the way professional photography is created, distributed, and valued.

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We imagine a future where photographs, illustrations, infographics, video content and more will be both secure and flexible, open and profitable, widely seen and always traceable.

They are pillars of a whole new economy that will change how we consume stories (and sustain storytellers) in the quest for a more fruitful and equitable digital ecosystem. Will you join us?

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