Milestone 4

The closure of this milestone confirms that we have a working technological protocol that we can now study for user adoption and integration.

What we did for Milestone 4

We completed our prototype phase. With the live beta version of the Pix.T protocol, we have begun testing the platform with selected partners to find bugs and usability issues. This also marks the beginning of our adoption phase, starting with photographers and photo agencies.

VISUAL COMMUNICATION: we adjusted our corporate identity and visual charter to better fit the needs and expectations of our target group.

FRONT-END REFINEMENT: Working with photographers, photo agencies and media clients, we made changes to the front-end design and layout according to their feedback. This work is still an ongoing process.

TESTING & USABILITY ISSUES: Testing the front-end to ensure there are no bugs or security issues from linking the front to the back-end.

USER ADOPTION: In order to push for adoption, we need to educate the public and reach out to partners/collaborators during our beta adoption phase.

MARKETING: We set up our marketing strategy from creating a social media presence to planning the first official launch for the first Pix.T image sold with our protocol.

See Pix.T Beta // User Scenario

We uploaded a video to show the platform use in beta mode. This includes logging in and registering as different users (photographer, photo agency, Pix.T admin and media user), uploading images, editing metadata, verification of the image, blockchain certification & archive storage, search feature, mood boards, purchases and blockchain certifications for transactions.

Early Screen Capture Video of the User Scenario

Visual Communication: from Platform to Blockchain

We knew that our branding and visual identity will be key in user adoption. In order to position ourselves amongst giants in the industry, we needed to create an identity that closely reflects our values and ambitions.

We worked together with the renown Berlin-based graphic design studio Studio Triple for our visual identity.

The charter was designed for primarily digital interfaces including the official Pix.T blockchain certificate that accompanies each purchase and image upload.

Pix.T Beta Protocol

The beta version of the site is live. As we are in the adoption phase for our protocol, we are selectively reaching out to photographers to have them evaluate the tool and work out the details of pricing, copyright rules, restrictions and image tracking. For this reason, our beta has restricted access.

Our Pix.T Platform is currently reserved for Beta testers and is in beta mode with many of the features disabled at the moment.

KEEP IN MIND: The images on the site are currently placeholder images (from Unsplash) so the price and image owners/photographer names are not correct. Additionally, since we only have a few original images on the platform, the metadata search is highly limited at present.

STEPS: Enter Site, Login & Registration, Upload Image, Approve Image, Edit Metadata, Blockchain Securize, Search, Purchase & Blockchain Transaction Certificate.

Testing with our Target Group

We had photographers register to the platform via validation from their agency, upload their photographs, edit the image metadata and push it to the blockchain for storage in our Pix.T archive server.

Pix.T beta allows a media profile to register, search for images based on metadata, purchase an image and receive a blockchain NFT certificate of their transaction stating the ownership of the digital asset.

Photographers can upload their images which were blockchain backed and transformed into a Jpeg2000 and purchased by a media user.

At the moment, Pix.T Beta is uploaded with images from Unsplash that lack metadata. The search engine (Elasticsearch) will work with the uploaded blockchain-backed images and not with the Unsplash placeholder images.

We are continuing to test this beta platform with photographers/photo agencies and discussing with them how they can adopt our protocol including contracts, legal agreements and logistics.

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Joshua Howell Manager

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Arthur Cole CEO

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Crystal Oliver Developer

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Joanna Shaffer Photographer
Test the protocol

Try the Pix.T Beta Platform

Because we have to verify each account, you can log into the accounts below which will give you specific accesses and interface features depending on the user role in our protocol. We are continuously working on this beta and fixing glitches/bugs on a daily basis with our front-end team. Because of this, we highly recommend you reach out to us directly for a scheduled demo. Please note, all users have the same password: testPixTUserPassword2021






Pix.T Blockchain

Below is an example of the Pix.T generated blockchain certificate that is created the moment the image is verified by the Agency digital director and pushed to the archive. You can download and test the Pix.T certificate on the Etherscan platform. Please note the graphic layout and design of this certificate is being adjusted so it is in line with our visual communication.

Project Evolution

During our two-year research on this project: including interviews with the community, benchmarks, blockchain development, building of the Pix.T tool and closely following innovations in the crypto-tech sphere, our ambition has grown and evolved. We believe that Pix.T can revolutionize the photojournalism industry beyond serving as a secured marketplace for prints; we can expand our market reach and make a larger impact in the community. Our technology for image securitization can be used to disseminate the protected image on both digital and print markets—we are not limited to just the physical.

Our prototype started with a focus for physical prints and creating a solution in this niche marketplace for photojournalism collectors. As we worked on the blockchain tool and followed closely the rise of ICOs, NFTs and new platforms emerging in terms of digital ownership, we have adjusted our platform to become a certification system and archive storage that ensures shared revenues for assets both physical and digital.

We’ve expanded the tool to include exclusive access to NFT and limited edition print sales managed on the blockchain

As a result, our Beta Tool follows the upload, securization and transaction of an image. The purchaser is left with a blockchain certification verifying their unique purchase and ownership of the digital asset.

Right now, we don’t have any images officially available for sale (we are launching our first sale in June 2021 with a special marketing campaign) as we are in conversation with the first photographers and their agencies on their transition to our platform. We are currently working on the agreements, contracts and logistics for their partnerships as well as designing the marketing campaigns around their release.

Marketing & User Adoption

During this phase, we realised that our protocol’s impact is on an individual sale-by-sale basis and the biggest impediment we face is that of visual literacy advocacy in the digital age. As we close the beta design, our next big step is to push for education on these issues in order to create a market for user adoption. This first phase will have several components to push our message.

Adoption Phase 1 // Photographers: This adoption phase will start with a highly curated list of world-reknown photographers and their works. We have reached out to professional photographers to get their input on the tool as well as set up the steps for the rollout of their works. This includes creating a foundation to educate users on the rights of photojournalists and advocating for fair share of revenues.

Adoption Phase 1 // Education: As we begin to share our beta protocol with the industry, we realise that in order to increase user adoption, we need to address education head-on. Specifically to educate photographers, agencies, media members and users alike on image literacy, copyrights and sharing of revenues in the digital age.

Adoption Phase 1 // Pix.T Launch: In June 2021, we will he launch of the Pix.T platform with our first sale on the platform, using an image that won the World Press Photo. This image will be uploaded to the Pix.T platform, secured via our blockchain technological protocol and be sold as an NFT. The campaign will push the values of our consortium, educate the public about the rights of photojournalism and mark a memorable start to our archive with a historic image.

Next Steps & Partnerships

As we close our collaboration with Google DNI, we want to thank the foundation immensely for their support and financial assistance during these past two years. It's been an incredible journey and we are very grateful for this opportunity.



NFT Sales