Photography today is trapped by a paradox.

When the amateurs rule, what happens to the pros?

The public is capturing and consuming images in digital formats by the billions.

Maximizing the value of photography requires the emergence of a new digital economy for professional photographers and their clients.

The faster our world moves, the greater the importance of capturing those images that have the power to document events, tell stories and give meaning to nearly any message.

Consider this...
An estimated 2 billion photos are uploaded on the internet every day.
Consider this...
The amount top photojournalists are paid for their images on leading social platforms is exactly $0.0.
Consider this...
In 2020, photojournalists struggle to pay rent even though their work is seen by more people now than ever.

What is Pix.T?

Pix.T is the innovative photography marketplace built on trust: a secure, easy-to-use technical protocol designed in the interest of photographers.

Our unique blockchain solution guarantees transparency and security and reestablishes scarcity, restoring true value in top photography for our digital future.

Pix.T prevents digital image theft through blockchain-backed image streaming players.

Pix.T gives photographers exclusive print sales via news partnerships, managing digital licensing, logistics and revenue shares.

Put photographers first

Our Mission

Blockchain-backed purchasing

Embedding images via the Pix.T player

Ensuring high quality and authentic images

Blockchain and NFTs create new scarcity paradigm for digital markets

High quality prints of photographic images

Each print is backed with its own unique Blockchain certification

Photographer retains artistic control for print quality and format

Pix.T partners with leading print specialists around the world, assuring that the most powerful, beautiful and relevant images are authenticated and printed with the finest quality materials and processes. Each purchase is backed with its own blockchain code to verify the authenticity of the image. Delivery services and tracking are all handled by Pix.T’s professional team from the world of professional photography logistics.

Secure storage and backing of original images

Every use and purchase can be tracked

Shared revenue distribution

Pix.T strives to build a social and economic ecosystem that guarantees a better future for professionals and journalists whose role is more essential than ever.

Streaming + Blockchain =

New Technological Protocol

Pix.T establishes a new technical protocol built on an image streaming service for distribution via a unique player/embedding feature, and unprecedented means of authentication, tracking and revenue share via the blockchain.

Pix.T started as a collaboration between a leading photo agency and news media outlet. Both witnessed the broken photojournalism system worsen over the years and top photographers struggle to make a living.

Low resolution images, immune to copy through the embedded player

Blockchain to certify and track images, purchases and distribution

Blockchain to certify and track images, purchases and distribution, including NFTs, mass media and individual print sales.

Intuitive UX with advanced search features for both photographers to manage their work and clients and consumers to find relevant images.

The protocol’s airtight control of image authenticity and ownership means value can be created with everything from unique NFT auctions of digital photo assets to micropayments from those caught illegally sharing images without permission. NFTs bring major revenue for select images and related content. Micropayments educate consumers about image copyrights, alerting them to the professionals’ work and the need for public support.

Blockchain to certify and track all authentic images and identify the distribution of illegal copies.

Pix.T partners with leading global news media and print specialists, assuring that photographs are authenticated, circulated and printed with the finest quality materials and printing processes.

Directly linking photographers to agencies, media and the users consuming their images.

With original images no longer in circulation due to the streaming player embedding feature, illegal image use and fraudulent / edited images will greatly decrease.

Pix.T images are run through our powerful machine-learning-based search engine, combining metadata and computer vision to help journalists, editors or users find the image they are looking for in just a few clicks.

Our strategy & roadmap

We are currently hard at work building our platform. Pix.T will be launched in several key stages, with full delivery in 2022.

2019 2022
M2 Proof of Concept
M3 Prototype
Print Partnerships
Streaming Plugin

Meet the Consortium

Pix.T pulls together a team of experts in both tech and photojournalism to help build the solution to a major social and economic problem. We are deeply committed to and knowledgeable about our medium, in all its complexities. With the right contacts in the field to make a difference, our team hopes to accelerate adoption and start a global conversation about the future of photography.

Our Photographers

We know photography. Pix.T started as a joint project including photographers, media journalists and photo agencies looking at a common cause. This team has grown to include some of the world’s leading photojournalists whose works will be distributed through our platform.

Join our

We imagine a future where photographs, illustrations, infographics, video content and more will be both secure and flexible, open and profitable, widely seen and always traceable. They are pillars of a whole new economy that will change how we consume stories (and sustain storytellers) in the quest for a more fruitful and equitable digital ecosystem. Will you join us?